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We help you solve your customer's problems.

We are your partner in helping you to solve your customers' document and data processing problems. Your customers have questions, we help you provide the answers.

We provide both sales and technical presales assistance. This assistance, if needed for your project, includes:

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  • Product Configuration Assistance
  • Statements of Work

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Product Description
bizhub SECURE Alert bizhub SECURE Alert provides document and data protection for documents from the MFP by creating an audit trail of Konica Minolta MFP activities.
Capture Prism Capture is a low cost server-based application that automatically and intelligently extracts data from scanned and electronic documents. Unlike other capture and extraction applications, Prism Capture has an integrated workflow.
DocForm DocForm provides personalized communications in the production print market.
DocRecord DocRecord, an all-inclusive Enterprise Content Management system, enables organizations to instantly and automatically capture, access, workflow and process their documents, emails, content and data.
SmartPhone Forms Powered by DocRecord, Smartphone Forms allow your organization to quickly create and deploy eForms such as Waivers of Liability or Registration forms.
eForms Prism eForms is an all-inclusive application that provides a very easy way to design and implement eForms and to automate data processing.
Prism WorkPath Prism WorkPath enables the easy creation of automated document process workflows that can be used at both the desk and MFP.
ScanPath ScanPath provides often-requested capabilities not found in MFPs.

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